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Silicon Valley Chip Maker turns to Warecorp.

NVIDIA builds an interactive platform to serve an international community of over 2,000,000 developers.


The Problem

NVIDIA had settled on a strategy of building an online home for its growing community of game developers. They settled on Drupal as the backbone for the project but lacked the internal expertise to make it real.

The Solution

Warecorp provided a dedicated team of experts in enterprise content management and business analysis to make NVIDIA DevZone, the largest community of NVIDIA game-developers in the world, a reality. Warecorp worked with key decision makers across NVIDIA to build an elegant Drupal solution that simplifies content workflows, integrates with enterprise business systems and features a single sign on that has become the standard for all NVIDIA internal apps.

The Results

Today, DevZone is the internal standard for community websites at NVIDIA. It enables dozens of internal content creators to serve over two million developers, hosts thousands of blogs, and facilitates tens of thousands of daily downloads with zero downtime.

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